DE VILLEPIN Dominique, from « Dans le labyrinthe des lumières » (In the maze of lights), in Zao Wou-Ki. Works 1935-2010, Flammarion, Paris, 2012 (pp. 20-21).

(…)"Where is Zao Wou-Ki then? The traveler from Orient remains unfound. Halfway there? No, he walks on between the rifts, the chinks, within the unthought-of side of the world, in the bare world of before the traditions but with their weapons, with their eyes. A rupestrian world where he summons the world from above and where he creates a new light.

Zao Wou-Ki is not a time interval. Nor a milestone in a history of painting. He does not conform to schools, to fancies, always opening up his own furrow. He does not have the makings of time, he is made of matter into space. That is why it is illusory to try and approach him through the unfolding of the dates of a biography. He must be chased out in those infinite spaces, sometimes serene, sometimes frightening, where he takes refuge. On this shapeless scene of the Creation of the world. "  (…)

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