CHAR René – Extract from "Le dos houleux du miroir" (The stormy backside of the mirror), foreword for the catalogue of the exhibition Zao Wou-Ki, 1971-1975 at the Galerie de France in Paris, Edition Galerie de France and Arts et Métiers Graphiques, Paris, France, 1975.

"May you forgive this introduction to painting, in relation to a private state of mind? My feelings towards Zao Wou-Ki’s work are threefold: a deep connection with the graphics of his early years. Color serves as a checkerboard scout, almost half nomadic. Shapes dutifully follow the artist’s hand, covering distances whose durable worth we learnt through a distant art. The renunciation to this initial dialogue leads to meeting a second chaos that we believe close to melting into a lost figure in surrounding deep cavities calling for it. However, this chaos remains suspended in the wilderness. There the ethereal and telluric spell of the travelling Orpheus breaks through. Every element forming the dividing line is the one behind the distribution of colors in a tempestuous upheaval. At last stands a prophecy whose reflection cannot take the reference to the mirror of a private libido. (…)"

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