CHESSEX Jacques – Extract from the foreword of the catalogue of the exhibition Zao Wou-Ki at the Galerie Jan Krugier in Geneva, Galerie Jan Krugier Edition, Geneva, Switzerland, 1990.

(…) "Thus, all the recent paintings by Zao Wou-Ki appear to be impervious to any anguish, any obsession about time. Shrugging off the wearing effect of time, aging, and destruction. Showing an ethereal and immediate trust in the powers of pure painting. The youth of these paintings simultaneously reaches what is essential as a result of abstraction and attention to this fresh and first quintessence that is the product of many years of patient summarization, of skilful plastic and philosophical evolution. A metamorphosis to freshness. A transparent idealization of life circumstances and reassessments, of intermissions, of a tense calling maintaining this spring-like spurt in transfigured matter. "

" There is this effect of exaltation towards what is essential and cosmic, similar to meditation that goes through the sublimation of the matter, remaining here miraculously present and compact. There is the sensual and luscious wonder of these painted spaces. In addition, this painting, from which the human figure is absent, condenses to a very high extent the power of inspiring the mark of man, his own memory and the memory of all his passages in what is mundane and what is sublime (…)."

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