RIGAUD Jacques - Extract from the foreword of the catalogue of the exhibition Zao Wou-Ki at the Thessa Herold Gallery in Paris, Galerie Thessa Herold Editions, Paris, France, 2000 (p. 13).

(…) "Standing before a previously unseen painting by Zao Wou-Ki, after looking at it for a long time, I like to close my eyes and try, not to depict it, but to re-create the emotion I have just experienced through observation. Behind my closed eyelids, colours, somehow blurred shapes and almost graphic details appear. Even more so, I am overwhelmed by sensations, something resembling music never heard before, and, more over an intangible feeling of well-being, as if the ongoing passage of time was taking me towards a horizon where all is calm and beautiful. (…)."

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