ROY Claude – Extract from Zao Wou-Ki, Les Grands Peintres collection, Cercle d’Art Editions, Paris, France, 1988 (p. 102).

"Chinese? French? The East? The West?  

The truth is, Zao Wou-Ki lives in one country only.

He has been living in Zaowoukia for numerous years.

More and more daring, lighter and lighter, he buried himself in it deeper and deeper.

At his beginnings, he met people and he met some cats.

The postcards in the shape of lithographs or paintings that he used to send us from over there showed houses, chickadees, men and women, and even flower vases. There were little men, bell towers, birds without passport, teapots and even several deer with antlers. In one word, everything you can meet in a city.

However, little by little, Wou-Ki moved towards wilder and wilder regions. He lost his way in the extreme edges of Zaowoukia. Fearless, he went to the ends of the land.

At first, he used to work on patterns along the streets of the cities, in the harbors, along the gondola canals and bell tower squares.

These days, as the Kritikdars (art critics) would put it, “He set his easel in the lost corners of the most remote provinces, a place where Eastern Zaowoukia borders the singing mist banks of the Mirage province, inhabited by the people of dreams”.

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