SCHNEIDER Pierre - Extract from « Dialogue with Zao Wou-Ki », in Les Dialogues du Louvre (Louvre Dialogues), Denoël, Paris, France, 1972 (p. 319).

(…) "He evokes a leaden sky and a dark grey sea, so dissimilar that the horizon seems to ratify a hopeless divide. However, a sudden and intangible condensation makes them connected and the movement starts again, the cycle of life is safe. Zao Wou-Ki knows how to capture the moments of concentration and dilution, delicate and accurate as a precision scale. Without them, everything would be duality, ruptures, inertia. The ethereal landscape becomes distilled into a shower of signs. Are we able to read them? No, already they have turned into the folds of a fluid universe. On the way, the color lightens up, until turning into light only and the gesture becomes heavy until being merely a shape. Sometimes, the stroke is long, diluted and serene. Sometimes it is short, exaggerate and heavy. Here, the brush seems to be held from the wrist, there at arm length. The heat wave sends towards the sky foam that soaks up the sun, becomes pearls, falls back and merges again with the water. And the main thing is not the aggregate of such states or one of them, but rather, their ability to perpetual change. (…)"

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