DELAY Florence - Extract from the foreword of the catalogue of the exhibition Zao Wou-Ki - Peintures et encres de Chine (Paintings and India inks), 1948-2008 at the Espace Bellevue in Biarritz, Hazan Editions, Paris, France, 2005 (p. 9).

(…) "Night never falls in Zao Wou-Ki’s paintings because they belong to here and there, yesterday and tomorrow. When night falls on Biarritz, somewhere else the sun is rising. “I am yesterday and I know tomorrow”, the sun god of Ancient Egyptians used to say. Humble, the painter we love prefers to belong to both and his paintbrush comes and goes between the extreme discoveries of the West and the Far East of things. In the untitled compositions, gusts of colors blow senses to bits. Internal life is untitled.

On these landscapes of the soul, we cast our passions. Precipitates of black rage, turning blue from terror, scoria of suffering and oxides of sadness fall in the bottom of the painting, such as ashes of passion blown by the wind.

Zao Wou-Ki’s palette is all the same extremely large and generous. Let us follow the colors since they are guiding us. Let us then guide us towards the secret of the painting because it is also ours. (…)"

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