Copyrights - Intellectual Property

Former curator at the Museum of modern art of the city of Paris, Madame Françoise MARQUET played a key role in the radiation of the Works of ZAO Wou-Ki on the contemporary art market.

Aware of the crucial role of his wife at his side during their long years of living together, ZAO Wou-Ki decided to bequeath the moral right on all of his Works to Madame MARQUET, to watch over his creations after his death.

Madam Françoise MARQUET is thus not only a privileged witness of the imprint left by ZAO Wou-Ki in the contemporary art world, but she is also the careful guardian of the artistic legacy he left behind.

In order to carry out this mission, Madam Françoise MARQUET has fully vested rights and prerogatives to ensure sustainability and respect for the integrity of the Works of ZAO Wou-Ki, and to take all measures necessary for the defence of attached copyrights.