Events  15.11.2020

Reprint of Volume I of the Catalogue Raisonné of Zao Wou-Ki’s paintings (1935 – 1958)

The Zao Wou-Ki Foundation is happy and proud to announce that Flammarion Editions have decided to reprint Volume I of the Catalogue Raisonné of Zao Wou-Ki’s paintings (1935 to 1958).
Facing the numerous requests that caused the first edition of December 2019 to be sold out, a reprint has been made in October 2020 on Indice press in Barcelona and is now available for sale by mail order in independent bookstores or on dedicated websites.
We are glad as this book demonstrates that a Catalogue Raisonné can also reach a wide public outside the circle of specialists.
Volumes II and III are still in preparation with new contributors. Covid-19 crisis has, as all over the world, slowed down this work, but their publication should happen at the end of 2021 – beginning of 2022.
Therefore, there is still time to contact Zao Wou-Ki Foundation to check that a work is included in our archives and confirm its dating and title.

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Plaquette de présentation du Catalogue raisonné
Portraits figuratifs des années 1940
Tableaux abstraits de 1955
Couverture du catalogue raisonné des peintures de Zao Wou-Ki (1935-1958), publié par Flammarion