Past Exhibition  01.11.20 – 31.12.2020

Zao Wou-Ki’s exhibited works in museums

Covid-19 epidemic has unfortunately forced most of French and European museums to close their doors for an indefinite period.
Many works by Zao Wou-Ki were exhibited on their walls and we propose that you visit them through photos or thanks to virtual tours when it is possible.

The collective exhibition Extra Large. Tapestries from Picasso and Le Corbusier to Louise Bourgeois at the Kunsthal of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) is the first exhibition in this country of large format tapestries. If some of the artists are well known for their tapestries as Picasso, Jean Lurçat or Le Corbusier, one can make pleasant discoveries of contemporaneous artists, such as the recent creations of the Manufacture nationale des Gobelins for Alain Sechas.
It is also the opportunity to see or see again the large tapestry dated 1973 – 1976, woven from one of Zao Wou-Ki’s cardboards, lent by the Mobilier national.
Current exhibition (even if temporarily closed) until January 3rd 2021.

Gobelins tapestry, 1973 – 1976, (300 x 600 cm). Mobilier national, Paris. All rights reserved.

Tapestry by Zao Wou-Ki exhibited at the Kunsthall of Rotterdam. All rights reserved.

Paris Museum of Modern Art still exhibits the two paintings by Zao Wou-Ki which are part of their collections in La vie moderne (Contemporary life), the new display of its permanent collections until December 31st 2020, the opportunity to revisit a century of art history.

The Museum of the Hospice Saint-Roch in Issoudun (France) maintains its special relationship with Zao Wou-Ki. Through its exhibition Hommages. Peintures, dessins, photographies, the museum honors the artists of its collections who died recently: Henri Cueco, Jacques Monory, Vladimir Velickovic, Fred Deux and Cecile Reims. To celebrate the centenary of Zao Wou-Ki’s birth, the museum also exhibits two paintings from a private collection and the ink work the artists offered to the museum in 2008.
Collective exhibition from October 3rd to December 30th 2020.

Issoudun. Hommages. Museum of the Hospice Saint-Roch. All rights reserved.

Meanwhile, the National Museum of History and Art in Luxemburg (Luxemburg) presents two paintings by Zao Wou-Ki lent by private collections, as part of the presentation of its permanent modern and contemporaneous collections. 24.05.65 (162 x 150 cm), with its raw style and 24.09.71 (130 x 97 cm) in more acid hues, evidence these years when the influence of American abstraction meets with space research revivified by his Chinese roots. Zao Wou-Ki’s paintings are surrounded by paintings by Pierre Alechinsky, Asger Jorn, Jean Dubuffet, Pierre Soulages and Hans Hartung, artists he met in post-war Paris. 
For an immersive tour of the collections of the museum: 

National Museum of History and Art in Luxemburg, Modern gallery. Courtesy MNHA

Finally, the opening of the He Art Museum in Shunde, in the Guangdong province (China), scheduled in March finally happened in October 2020. The building, designed by the architect Tadao Ando, houses the collection of the He family, focused on contemporary international and Chinese art. It includes the painting La Mer (The Sea), painted by Zao Wou-Ki in 2004 (97 x 195 cm).

He Art Museum, Opening exhibition. Reserved rights / He Art Museum

He Art Museum, La Mer. Reserved rights / He Art Museum